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Adopting Your Stepchild in Indiana

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Firm News

The adoption process can be extremely stressful for parents and children. The legal guidance of a warmhearted and knowledgeable lawyer can ensure a stable and adequate Indiana stepparent adoption.

Adopting Your Stepchild with Consent

Many people are unaware that Indiana has a system for a stepparent to legally adopt a stepchild if a stepparent wishes to make the stepchild their legal child.

The easiest way to adopt a stepchild is when both the biological parents consent to the adoption. Generally, the stepparent’s spouse is willing to consent. In some cases the remaining biological parent is willing to consent to the adoption of the minor child by the stepparent.

Adopting Your Stepchild in Indiana Without Consent

In most cases, the consent of both biological parents is needed for the adoption of a minor child by a stepparent. However, when one of the biological parents, without good cause, has not been in contact with the minor child for a period of at least one year or did not properly care for the child despite having the ability to provide said care, a stepparent may seek to adopt without the consent of the other biological parent.

The biological parent is required to receive notice of the stepparent’s intent to adopt and is given an opportunity to object to the adoption. However, if the biological parent’s consent is deemed to be not required, then often times the adoption will proceed.

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