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Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and What They Mean

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Family Law

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are guidelines that have been adopted by the Indiana Supreme Court that specify the factors and aspects that should be considered in custody and parenting time matters. These guidelines are generally applicable in all child custody matters.

The premise that is usually in a child’s best interest to have frequent, meaningful and continuing contact with each parent. It is assumed that both parents nurture their child in important ways, significant to the development and well-being of the child.

Parenting time replaces the former notion of “visitation,” which implied only spending time with children. In contrast, parenting time emphasizes the important role that each parent plays in the parent-child relationship, which the guidelines aim to protect.

The Parenting Time Guidelines

The Parenting Time Guidelines are to be used by Indiana courts in making determinations concerning parenting time and custody matters. These guidelines are designed to foster the best interests of the children, and there is a presumption that parents will at all times act in the best interest of their children. The guidelines are designed to promote the interests of the children through:

  • Open communications with both parents, including access to phones needed to make calls
  • Financial support by both parents
  • Time to enjoy the company of each parent
  • The right of each parent to provide, the right of children to receive, continuing care and guidance
  • The right to be physically safe and adequately supervised

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines do not require that children spend equal amounts of time residing in the home of the mother and the father; instead, they are designed to ensure that each parent will spend significant quality time with his or her children.

How We Help in Indiana Parenting Time Matters

Regardless of the circumstances leading to divorce, under the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines there is a presumption that you are qualified and fit parent, and that you and your children deserve quality time together. Our role as an attorney is to ensure that your parenting time rights are respected.

You can view the full guidelines here: