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Indiana’s Handgun Laws Explained

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Firm News

Are you wanting to purchase a firearm and need to know more about Indiana’s handgun laws? Handgun laws vary from state to state. This guide is for Indiana’s handgun laws only and does not apply to other states. To read the full code go to Indiana Code 35-47-2 that covers Indiana’s handgun law.

Requirement for carrying a handgun on yourself or in your vehicle:

If you are going to carry a handgun on yourself or in your vehicle you must have a valid Indiana gun permit. To obtain a permit, you have to go to the Indiana State Police website, fill out their background check and pay the fee. Your fingerprints will then be obtained locally. If you pass the background check then your permit will come in the mail several weeks later.

If you carry a handgun and do not have a permit, you could be charged with a crime. If you violate the handgun law on multiple occasions or you have an handgun in a school zone you could be facing a Level 5 Felony. This has a time of incarceration of 1-6 years with an advisory sentence of 3 years.

Exceptions to the law

You are allowed to own a firearm on your own property without having a handgun permit.

You can also carry a gun at a shooting range or at a gun show without having a handgun permit.

You can also transport a handgun in your vehicle without having a handgun permit, however the handgun MUST be unloaded, secured in a case, and not easily accessible.

How people get charged with unlawful possession of a firearm

More times than not, the clients that come into my office with this charge did not intentionally break the law, but simply did not know the law. Unfortunately, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

For example: if you have a handgun permit and leave a handgun in your vehicle, then let someone else drive your vehicle that does not have a handgun permit, if that person is pulled over they could be charged with a crime even if they didn’t know the handgun was in your vehicle.

Who is not allowed to own a firearm in Indiana

Some people are not allowed to own a firearm at all, even on their own property. This includes:

  • anyone under the age of 18, unless the firearm was gifted to them by their parent or legal guardian
  • anyone who is a convicted felon
  • anyone who is intoxicated during the firearm purchase
  • drug users
  • mental patients
  • anyone who is unfit to safely own a firearm


If you have any questions about how this law is applied, or you’ve been charged with unlawful possession of a handgun, contact The Law Office of Riley & Ahler, P.C.