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4 things to protect when estate planning for your farm

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Estate Planning

As a farmer, your land is more than your livelihood. Farm properties form the foundation of your legacy. Protecting your farm to pass down to future generations requires careful estate planning.

There are 4 key things to protect when estate planning for your farm.

1. Land and property

Your land is the foundation of your farm. When estate planning, make sure to clearly define the boundaries of your property and specify who will inherit it. Consider using a trust to maintain control over the eventual use of the land and to minimize potential tax implications.

2. Equipment and livestock

Your farm equipment and livestock are valuable assets that you should account for in your estate plan. Create an inventory of all your equipment and livestock, then specify who will inherit these assets. If you have multiple heirs, consider dividing the assets fairly to avoid conflicts

3. Business structure

If your farm is a family business, it is important to have a clear succession plan in place. Determine who will take over the business and how the ownership gets transferred. Consider creating a buy-sell agreement to ensure a smooth transition and to protect the business from potential disputes.

4. Financial assets

Do not forget to protect your farm’s financial assets, such as bank accounts, investments and insurance policies. Make sure to update your beneficiary designations and specify the distribution of those assets among your heirs.

Estate planning for your farm is a complex process, but it is necessary to protect your legacy and investments. Start the process today and secure your farm’s future.